Sunday, November 3, 2013

Una bella esperienza.

After nearly four and a half months at Arpisson the time had come to say goodbye for the year. Leaving was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make thus far on my journey, but there were other unknown places and experiences awaiting me before heading home!

All in prefect timing, it snowed (almost half a meter in just over a day) two days before I left and I was able to make one last trek to Arpisson under snow! It was so beautiful and peaceful; the perfect way to end my time there.

My experience at Arpisson was one of a kind.  I arrived not knowing what to expect and left with so much more than I could ever had imagined: life long friendships, life long skills and unforgettable memories to name a few.

Until next time, Arpisson! Arrivederci!

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  1. Hi! I've loved reading your blog. I'm going to be at Azienda Agricola Arpisson for five weeks this summer through WorkAway, and would love to get as much information as possible. If you wouldn't mind sharing a bit more of your experience there with me, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it!